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As one of the fastest-growing professions across the nation, life coaching requires understanding personal issues, career issues, compassionate counseling, and resolution strategies. 


As a life coach, you are responsible for helping people navigate complex problems and come out stronger on the other side. This skill isn't cultivated overnight. It takes years to develop insight into helping people with relationships issues, overcome challenging obstacles, manage day-to-day matters, and set new goals for both short-term and long-term healing, 


My job is to help you sharpen your skills by obtaining a life coach certification. I've partnered with ExpertRating—an ISO 9001:2015 company—to help you become one of the many reputable, certified coaches across the U.S.


Here's an overview of the two premium certifications that are recognized internationally:



The first certification is recommended for individuals looking to become life coaches. Select the second certification if you have prior experience but would like to enhance your expertise.


Each course is designed to help you understand life coaching, work through goals and accountability, set up your business, and navigate the marketing aspect. 


In addition, you will grasp the Life Coaching Code of Ethics and Life Coaching Core Competencies. Finally, the information you receive will provide you with a comprehensive look at different coaching models and popular approaches. 


I suggest browsing through each course's syllabus and exam details to determine the right option for your needs.


If you are already an established life coach, obtaining internationally recognized certification can help you grow your clientele and boost your reputability. Over time, you'll become one of the most recognized life coaches in your area and generate more referrals.


Ethics In Life Coaching 


As a rule of thumb, make sure you hold empathy in high regard during each session. Whether offering career advice or helping a client work through a broken marriage, understand where they're coming from instead of letting your biases get the best of you. You're tasked with helping your clients better their lives, not get involved in the mix and form judgments. 


As a life coach, you must watch from the sidelines and steer your client's life in the right direction, not control it. Being careful of these nuances will help you transform countless damaged lives into happy and healthy success stories.


You Can Make A Difference


A single person has the power to change dozens of lives. So don't ever underestimate what you're capable of and how you can help others and if you recognize that, join our online life coach certification programs and help those around you.


Become a trainer and life coach with the help of various life coaching courses that will equip you with the best techniques, strategies, content, and knowledge and help you achieve your professional goals.


Work with individuals, helping them organize, strategize, motivate, and center themselves, sharing practical strategies and methods that work. 

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Register for the life coaching courses and certification programs that will enable you to practice professionally, develop a deeper understanding, and build a professional relationship with your clients.


Life Coach Cert ($69.99)

Master Life Coach Cert($149.99)

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