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Get Moving With These Five Self-Motivation Tips 

Self-motivation is vital in healthy aging regardless of your age. Unfortunately, all of us have trouble in one way or another with motivating ourselves or finding the motivation to do our work. Working from home and building skills to drive yourself can be even more challenging. If you want to stay focused and become more productive, here are five self-motivation tips to help get you started.

Create Deadlines


Any creative person will tell you they are the most motivated when they have an impending deadline or know that a period is coming up quickly. If you know you must finish a task by a particular time; suddenly, you will begin to feel like all the created negative blocks have disappeared rapidly.

Of course, it becomes more difficult for a deadline to be urgent if it is self-imposed. After all, there are no sanctions, and you know that you will not face a penalty if you neglect to meet a deadline you set yourself.

However, you can motivate yourself to meet a self-imposed deadline by rewarding yourself if you finish. For instance, you can treat yourself to a nice meal or buy something you have always wanted but found just a little too expensive. It is just one of the five self-motivation tips to help you.


Set Smaller, More Manageable Goals


When you have an enormous task to complete, it can seem overwhelming and make you feel paralyzed. Often, you do not know where to start or how to begin, so you often end up not doing anything.
The best way to deal with this is to divide the big task into smaller ones that are easier to complete and finish quickly. And when you meet these smaller tasks, you enjoy a sense of accomplishment that will motivate you further to finish what you must do to complete the big job.

Avoid Being Distracted by Unimportant Things


One of the reasons why we have trouble focusing is that we treat every task as if they were of equal importance. But, of course, this is not true. We know that some more urgent functions are of higher priority than others, and some may not be necessary at all.
Make a list of everything that you need to do. Then make another list that includes only those tasks you must complete before the end of the day. Focus your energy on these tasks and forget about everything else.

Just Jump into It


Sometimes the best way to self-motivate yourself when confronted with a lot of work to complete is to do it. Start doing the first task before you, and then keep going.

This technique works because it avoids the problem of overthinking. When you overthink, you become too distracted by small details and do not accomplish what you need to do.

It would help if you worked to get it done as quickly as possible to finish the job. Then you can go back and make any necessary corrections.

Set a Quitting Time


People working from home are often unproductive because they know they have no set schedule or fixed routine since they do not have to check out at the end of the day. They can work on something for as long as they want, so they have no urgency to finish a task.

A helpful technique to help solve this problem is to set a working schedule. Decide when you will start, stop, and stick to this schedule, even if you have not finished the task. Then, when you see that quitting time is near, it will give you the extra motivation to complete what you are working on to finish it.

Building skills for self-motivation is one of the most important things you can do for self-improvement. It will help boost your career and improve many other aspects of your life. Creating deadlines, setting smaller manageable goals, avoiding distractions, jumping right into the task, and setting a quitting time are the five self-motivation tips to help you succeed.
Thank you.
Pat Bracy
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Alvenia Rhodes
8 months ago

This is great I have an organizer didnt know how to start putting things in it but now I can get better organized,and make my life so much simpler

8 months ago

These five tips are amazing I have been striving to stay motivated and the one thing that seems to always pose a problem for me is focusing on items that are not as important. I will be sure to begin to implement some of the recommendations provided in this post.