Fight Obesity After Pandamic

How To Lose Weight After Pandemic


It is a story I hear most often. That is, I gained weight since the onset of the pandemic. Do not feel bad. It is my story too. But, first, we must take control of our lives and send the extra pounds back where they were before covid. The pandemic put us on a fast track to fat like a runaway freight train we see in movies. Not only do the extra pounds cause daily discomfort, but it also causes a shorter life span.


Are you overweight?


 Or should I ask, does your doctor think you are overweight? Being overweight will hurt you if you let it by failing to do something about it. In many cases, it is not healthy to be heavy as obesity can cause your body harm. However, determining your perfect weight from a chart or table is difficult. That is because everybody is different. For example, some people have larger bone structures than others. Therefore, they may be weighty in various areas of their bodies.


 Consequently, it would be beneficial if you determined your ideal weight for your body frame. Your perfect weight is the weight you eventually reach as you consistently follow a healthy regimen of eating and exercising. In doing so, you can worry less about what I am about to share.


Here is what can happen if you are overweight.


 If you are overweight, many things can happen to you. Obesity is responsible for heart attacks. Obesity is behind sleep apnea, strokes, diabetes, and so on. When a person is overweight, they suffer some pain all the time. Sometimes the pain is so severe that it makes it difficult to breathe. 


Obesity causes the heart to work harder. You may have a hard time walking across the floor. Obesity can make you feel depressed and not want to go anywhere or do anything. Therefore, we can conclude that being overweight is bad for your health.


You may be asking, what can I do to help myself?


 You have several options, yet the first is to gain the willpower to take control of your body. The next step is to start eating the right foods, exercising, and so on. If you can exercise as you want, that is great; take it slow and do a little at once. However, please do not overdo it. If you overwork your body, the body will let you know. 


Obesity prevents many from getting and staying active. A person's emotions and mental state is affected by obesity since you start thinking, I don't want to do anything. It would help if you did something. Go for a short walk in your neighborhood. A twenty-minute walk is good for the body and the mind. It would help if you planned other ways to get out of the house.




 One recommendation is that you call a friend and the two of you watch a movie. Perhaps you could visit some family and friends that you haven't seen in a while. Plan different activities that you can do a few days every week. The more active you are, the more your will notice that you are starting to feel better about yourself. 


The most significant benefit is that you will lose some weight. You need to see your family doctor to know if it's ok to do this before starting. Your family doctor may give you a diet to go by and recommend the exercises that will benefit you.


What should I eat?


 I cannot tell you what to eat. I can, however, give you a few pointers. First, instead of frying your food, bake it. Baking meats, veggies, etc., will help cut back grease. Also, baking will help drain the fat out of the food rather than you fried the food. Fried foods mean fat, fat, and fat and can harm your heart. Second, eat three times a day breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Third, eat plenty of raw vegetables and salads. 


If you enjoy chocolates or sweets, find substitutes. Yogurts may offer you a new taste and reduce your risks, especially if you choose the fat-free groups. 

 Try to stay away from fast foods. Fast food has obesity written all over its menu. Heart attacks follow. If you enjoy dining out, find family-owned restaurants since they will likely serve you healthier dishes. Avoid eating in front of the television when you sit down to eat at home. You should prevent seconds as well.


Being overweight is hard on you both mentally and physically.


 If you have, will power then try to lose weight? Start by taking it slow. Don't go hog wild since it will only make your heart race. Instead, it would be best if you learned your limits to help you lose weight and take control of your health. 


If you find it still too hard to lose weight, maybe you should see if there is a local support group around to join it and get the support you need. You might want to stay away from people that do not encourage you. As you start your journey to healthy aging, you will need to be lifted, not let down.


In Conclusion


Finally, you must understand that successful weight loss is a process. It takes commitment and consistency to see the changes you desire to see. It also requires that you be patient with yourself, knowing that you did not get where you are overnight. Therefore, you will not likely get where you desire to be overnight. 

Thank you for reading.
Pat Bracy

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8 months ago

I have found that having a made up mind has been the key maintaining a consistent weight management. The recommendation made through this article are great.

Alvenia Rhodes
8 months ago

This is a hard but good one how do you know what weight is good for you what if you are eating right but not seeing any results always consult a doctor before doing any change for the body because they can do test to see what needs to be done and that your obesity wasn't caused by something. Then let them give you a regimen that can help loose the weight and eat healthy

8 months ago

Thanks for this article It encourages me to continue my weight loss journey