Six Benefits Of Winter's Cold

The Beauty of Winter

It is cold outside, and I view the cold season as a great season for the first time in my life. I can’t recall ever looking around at the effect of winter on the trees, the lawns, the waters, the flying animals, etc. Instead, I usually focus on how it feels outside and the weather predictions for the day. It is the season for colds and flu.
While this may be true, it is certainly not the purpose of the cold season. The cold weather has many health benefits. However,  we focus on the adverse effects of winter rather than the positive effects of the cold weather. It is especially true for those of us who live in the South. Listed below are six benefits of winter’s cold.

A Time to be Thankful


We have so much to be thankful for during this season of below-freezing weather, snow, and all the other climate changes during the cold weather season. It is not to say that we do not need to take precautions. We must cover our hands, our heads, and our bodies. However, we should embrace the benefits of cold weather.

Six Benefits Of Winter’s Cold


Cold weather boosts our brains. So I decided to wrap up and go outside, expecting a brain boost rather than fearing getting a cold or the flu.
Cold weather helps us burn calories. That certainly is a reason for me to spend more time out there. Also, we are wearing heavier garments that may have something to do with calorie burning. Make sense to me.

Cold weather improves the effects allergies have on many people.

The freezing temperatures relieve coughing, watery eyes, and sneezing for many people. I’m not an allergy sufferer, but my best friend is, and she welcomes winter for that reason.

Cold weather lowers inflammation.

Cold weather has a significant effect on our bodies' fight to elevate inflammation in our joints. It is like a bag of ice placed on an injury to reduce or eliminate swelling.

Cold weather lowers the risk of diseases and spreading infections.

Have you ever wondered why the hospitals, nursing homes, and other public settings are always so cold? The cold weather slows and may even prohibit the spread of many diseases. So, again, I stress the importance of wearing protective gear in the outdoors; however, embrace the benefits of the cold weather.

Cold weather helps us sleep better.

Winter is my favorite time of year when it comes to sleep. Cold weather is known to cause us to have a deeper sleep. It is not to say that we cannot sleep in warm weather. However, warm weather is sometimes less restful.


A Time For Corrective Reflections

Let us be thankful for the winter season with its benefits to the entire universe. I am grateful that my eyes have been open, and my heart has repented from my lack of appreciation for the cold weather. Let us be thankful for all the creations, including the seasons and their appointed purposes on the earth. God spoke, and they came into existence, and God saw that it was good.
No matter what season we are in at this reading, begin to prepare yourself now because winter is coming.
Let us prepare ourselves to embrace the moments during the winter season with all its many benefits.
Pat Bracy


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7 months ago

I really never thought about how great winter weather is. I especially like the idea of reflecting and giving thanks. As an allergy sufferer I would agree that I look forward to the peace of not consistently having to deal with allergy related conditions during the colder months.

6 months ago

This article helps me appreciate the benefits of the winter season

Alvenia Rhodes
5 months ago

I love the cold weather always have. From the north soi love the cold the south cold goes thru you the north cold sticks on you but I still love it