Breaking Bad Habits

You Can Break Bad Habits


While clean eating and regular exercise are gradually being adopted across the nation, they are still not as prevalent as they should be. The majority of people are heavily reliant on foods with a high glycemic index and containing trans fats.


These foods increase the risk of developing cardiovascular disease by raising low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol levels. In addition, research indicates that an astounding 80% of Americans do not get adequate exercise.

The Struggle Is Real


If you have been struggling to break bad habits and revitalize your health, you are not alone. Millions of people across the U.S. are in the same boat and are looking for an easy way to break free of their unhealthy habits. Unfortunately, there is no quick fix.


Breaking bad habits is a lifelong process that requires patience, the strength of will, determination, self-control, perseverance, resilience, steadfastness, and consistency. These attributes collectively help you gradually wean off bad habits and avoid relapsing in the future. 


Change Is Obtainable 


The primary goal of Embrace Healthy Aging is to give you power based on knowledge. You will learn to maintain a healthy, wholesome, and fulfilling lifestyle by leaving bad habits in the past. One of the top strategies is identifying triggers that prompt you to indulge in a particular habit.


What Are Your Triggers? 


For instance, do you smoke when you feel stressed and anxious? Do you consume unhealthy meals when you have a lot going on and can not make time for meal prep? Are you more prone to ditching your workout plans if you feel demotivated and dispirited? Identifying feelings and emotions that compel you to continue relying on bad habits is a great way to discover alternate coping strategies. 


Help Is Here. 


I have partnered with a company to help you obtain certification for a wide range of courses. You will benefit significantly by enrolling in one or more of the recommended courses to learn more about nutrition, fitness, and overall wellness to make essential life changes.


Not only will these courses help you break bad habits, but you can also use your certification and knowledge to start a new career. In addition, you can motivate others by using your story as inspiration!



Thank you for reading.

Pat Bracy


Embrace Healthy Aging

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Alvenia Rhodes
7 months ago

This is a great read you definitely need to achieve because I have tried to achieve and keep failing but I wont give up because I need to get healthy and goal oriented

7 months ago

Knowledge is key to mastering anything. Understanding what triggers certain behaviors is very important to healthy behavioral change.