Best Time To Exercise

Finding the Best Time to Exercise

This article will discuss the best time to exercise and why I believe it is the best time. For many of us, adapting to an exercise plan is very challenging. I hope that after reading this, you will decide to embark on an exercise routine that is suitable for you and fit into your schedule.
Many people prefer to exercise during the day while others choose to exercise in the afternoon or at night after office hours. So the big question is, what is the best time to exercise and why?
Many people exercise during the day when the sun is bright and shiny. The other option is to work out at night when convenient (i.e., after work). Each of these options has its pros and cons.

Benefits of Exercise During the Day


The following are the main benefits of working out during the daytime. That means you will still be burning calories even if you are sitting at your desk in the office. 

Increased Fat Burning

Studies show that exercising first thing in the morning when you wake up—even before breakfast—is a great way to burn more-body fat. When people work out with an empty stomach (after waking up in the morning), their bodies burn stored fat since there is no breakfast in their gut yet.

Benefits of Exercising in the Afternoon or Evening

Exercising during the afternoon or after office hours also has its advantages. The human body’s temperature is usually at its peak from 2 to 6 pm. Studies show that this increased temperature optimizes muscular function.
That means your body’s ability to perform well is at its peak during the afternoon. Muscular endurance also improves within this time frame. Your body’s ability to utilize oxygen increases during the afternoon until evening.
Notice that your reaction time also increases as the day ends. This increase makes you perform better when doing high-intensity interval training (HIIT), martial arts, weight training, and other intense exercises.
Because of this heightened condition of the muscles and metabolism, you will be less prone to injury when you work out during the afternoon and evening. Your performance improves, your blood pressure is at its lowest, and your heart rate is optimal.

The Downsides

Working out in the daytime and during the afternoon to evening has downsides. When you exercise early in the day, you will have to warm up to increase your oxygen uptake kinetics. Sometimes, having to warm up can take away focus on your actual workout.
Exercising during the afternoon to evening, on the other hand, has the potential to disrupt your sleep pattern. Therefore, you should not schedule your evening exercise close to bedtime to prevent sleep interruptions.

What is the Best Time to Exercise and Why?

It might come as a surprise, but the verdict is that you should exercise based on what works for you. Exercising any time of the day has its benefits and downsides. Choose a schedule that works best for you and reap the benefits. Remember that there are downsides to each option so you should not let it deter you.
Thank you.
Pat Bracy


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